Process, Project & Quality Management

Through a combination of our strict working methodology, our back office / project office and our engineering teams in the field, we are able to deliver at scale whether we are managing a large and complex single site implementation (for example our broadcast centre case study) or a complex roll-out of multiple sites over multiple geographies (such as our retail and council libraries case studies).

Fundamentally we are a process business. We know in advance what needs to be performed, by whom, in what sequence and the expected results.

We are a project business; we instantiate standard process in each project under Prince methodology, not least making certain we have governance and structure, risk and scope, deliverables and work-plans clearly documented and agreed with our customer.

We are a transparent business; we are rigid in the use of ‘trackers’ to show our status on a weekly basis especially when we are leading larger programmes and sub-projects.

We are a quality business; we have deliverables for each work package that our customer and client confirm have been completed to their satisfaction, not ours.

Not least, we are a service business; our service charter pervades everything we do, everybody we work with, and everybody we work for.