Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless Solutions

We are able to offer various Wireless Solutions for both Voice and Data platforms, with excellent security.

We are installation partners with EnGenius UK, we offer affordable wireless installations with a great breadth of services, which can all be centrally managed from your UTM device. Our equipment has the ability to create a Virtual Access Point, turning a single access point into multiple AP’s for corporate Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi and voice Wi-Fi.

We also specialise in wireless bridge links to connect two or more physically separated points. Network bridge connections can be in a Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point configuration and can provide fast, secure connectivity for data, voice and video applications. Wireless bridges are especially suited to organisations with large campus sites and multiple buildings where traditional connection methods may be difficult due to pre-existing roads and utilities which make new service provision difficult to construct.

Infrastructure – Wireless Bridge Devices

2.4Ghz Wireless Bridge Link

  • Provides a simple and low-cost point to multi-point solution with a clear line of sight between the base station and subscribers.
  • Ideal for connecting buildings, warehouses or offices to share main building network. Popular with university campuses, hospital sites and small business parks.
  • Antennas are usually of two types; omni-directional and sector type, typically 60 – 120 degree beam width.

5Ghz Wireless Bridge Link

  • Better for higher data rate applications and where there is no clear line of sight between the base station and subscribers.
  • Can be the back-bone connection to multiple wireless ‘Hot-spots’ around a town or area.
  • Used to deliver community-wide broadband in urban and rural areas where a Point of Presence is then extended to a number of subscribers – typically businesses around the town or area.
  • Antennas are usually sector type, typically 120 degree beam width.
  • Can deliver both IP Ethernet data and E1 voice (including IP based CCTV).

Access Points

MPX Global Ltd can supply and install access points from EnGenius UK range, and many others in a variety of different configurations such as standalone or distributed mesh.

Wireless Surveys

Professional and accurate on site wireless surveys. We always recommend a full wireless survey prior to the deployment of new or upgraded wireless networking equipment.

Why Survey? Simply put a wireless survey is the best way to ensure maximum coverage without overkill on access points but also to minimise the likelihood of a wireless dead zone. Without a wireless survey it is next to impossible to correctly budget for a wireless network solutions. Our site surveys are carried out using a portable test trolley using an access point and PC with wireless surveying software. The trolley comes complete with a deployable mast to facilitate surveying large areas such as warehouses and caravan parks.

The survey will take the form or a grid overlaying your required wireless area. Each test point will occupy an area of the overlayed grid. Each individual test point on the grid will show the following information –

  • Signal/Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Signal Strength
  • Noise
  • Bandwidth

Using the detailed survey results we can best advise number and location of access points to better enable your connectivity.